phoenix1238 a posted Oct 31, 17

September Update

- New Staff system + ranks

- Finishing A Class + Sigma Rank shops

- Dungeons popping up all over server

- Attempting PVP and PVE Arena implementation

- Helpers + Build Trials to be done this month

- Working on the new expansive area of Crocus for you all

- Finished Texture Pack!


Sale Codes:  BACKTOSCHOOL [12% discount, can be used two times!]


phoenix1238Wifi comes on Monday so I can resume usual activity!
I have finished snow, wood, card and celestial a classes
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phoenix1238Dragons can now come to Pho to get a 2nd class. This class will not be up for debate or negotiation, only the almighty Pho will pick 1 extra class he deems worthy.
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Acnologia   Oh shit fam, neat, can't wait to see what second element I'll get!
MikaPlayz_   LOL
PotatoOnAPlate   What gonna happen to Dragon Class? I remember you made some spells for it a while ago that looked cool. Sad they might become wasted potential. Also will our custom stats still be the same or will our baseline power for customs be nerfed?
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phoenix1238I’ve just moved into a new house and WiFi doesn’t come for another 2 days. I’ll try to get WiFi when I can but yeh don’t expect me on much for next two days. However I can still code without WiFi so wood and snow are scheduled to be finished by then, if I have time celestial too.
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