phoenix1238 a posted Oct 30, 17

New Year Update

- 3 missions to be released to renovated Blue Pegasus

- Cavern Mob Arena finished + Player limits doubled in both arenas

- Custom documentation to be finished this month

- New Paintball + Spleef arena to be added this month

- Finished Texture Pack!


Sale Codes:  JANUARY24 [19% off from last month, 5% for New Year!]


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endergod05Signs are broken
phoenix1238Sry didn't be on yesterday server holsters fucked up! Will try to be online this evening for you guys!
Only 1 week until I can go back to normal activity. Will be an end of exams sale!
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phoenix1238Server down rn not cos of me! On in a few hours
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VicTheVictini   awesome, and pho I'm ready to do my trial stuff anytime this weekend
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phoenix1238February Pho aim:
- Allow gm 0 on the server: This will allow you to cast spells underwater and in entombs, potentially allowing you to escape from them as well as have underwater battles.
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AstralNightmare   Sweet
phoenix1238Staff have just come off a call and here are our conclusions:
- VicTheVictini Trial-Builder and MalevolentLeo for Helper
- Missions oriented to be more enjoyable
- Looking into new plugins (can't really say more than that)
- Custom power level evaluation, the idea that some have become weaker but that's because of general across the board power levelling, probably a thread needs to be made on this
- Staff perms are to be increased + Head Builder/Moderator
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phoenix1238Online now
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phoenix1238Server speed increased by 25% for 2019
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