phoenix1238 a posted Oct 28, 17

April Update

- Staff apps open!

- Crocus opening up bringing new spawn/shops/magic items!

- GUILDS + PERKS set up!

- GMG + Master rules and regulations coming this month!


- Sigma shop work has begun, as well as finishing Curse class spells!

- Money from player kills has been increased in % and max steal ammount!

- Finished Texture Pack!


Sale Codes:  EASTER26

[11% off for donation total last month + 15% cos its EASTER, can be used up to 3 times!]


nightfall8000I hope pho is on today ;[
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iiRezy   registered to FairyTail
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Leglasyou made my fire-earth god slayer custom, (dragon force obsidian combination) auric totem available to all shadow using master 500s? how does that make sense?
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Star   We love a uhh different sister?
Lyrica   Once you become inactive or change from your slayer/character (whatever you have), most of your customs (as Pho can't track them all) are open to public. Although, only master 500's will be able to obtain that custom. Remember that Pho can't track every spell's information and he might've skipped that detail of the spell being your custom magic two-type spell. I'll put one of my customs as an example: Dark Occular Deflect wasn't supposed to be public, but required my permission to be adquired. Although, Pho forgot about this (as, once again, he can't track every spell on the server due to the large amount of spells), so a couple of people got it without my permission. I just talked it out with him and he closed it for my use only, unless I give permission to someone so they can get it.

Anyway, sorry for your issue but you could've messaged him on Skype (or maybe even Snapchat) so he can get at you easier.
Lyrica   ^^ He also could've forgot to add the custom to the correct thread.
nightfall8000the server crashed again this is almost daily too many people using magic at once
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phoenix1238Online in an hour!
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phoenix1238Behind on customs sry, batch 1/3 will probs take another 1-2 days will post when done as always
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phoenix1238Online UK time tonight about 6-7pm
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Davi_Hyoudou   registered to FairyTail
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nightfall8000the server crashed xd
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Igniaa   i told pho to start it back up he said he gon do it idk how long its gonna take tho
phoenix1238Fire Dragon Slayer spells which I previously reserved for Natsu have been nerfed down to Slayer level. They can now be taken by any Fire Dragon Slayer, except the obvious secret arts and fire dragon king spells.
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ETIronmaster   oof thats uber gae
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