phoenix1238 a posted Nov 5, 17

November Update undecided

- Fan-Fic characters releasing this month

- All Magic+Curse class magic to be finished this month

- Grand Magic Games started

- Staff Apps + 2 promoted Moderators (Ayo+Vanish)

- Working on Staff having more perms to help people

- Christmas updates underway

- Twice as many vote rewards including donation vouchers

- Curse Infusers permanently £1, can be won from voting

Sale Codes:  NOVEMBER2200 [11% discount, can be used twice!]


trex1231Whats Pho' skype i want to get in contact with him
ImmortalKoichi   phomc1238
ThePotatoMemesOk so you got animal hunters and Pho hunters. I am pretty sure we know which one is harder to find.
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Tcork_5Happy Thanksgiving!!!! (For the U.K. people it's basically stuff your face with turkey, mashed potatoes and pie day : )
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MikaPlayz_   Sounds like Christmas.
JLJustice   lmao
EdgyCringeis the server back up?
Drivegaruburn_The server has been rapidly crashing and lagging.
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Lucyish_Oh also last night I guess the server crashed for no reason? It seems ridiculous that it did for no reason but it just froze then it happened. We never did anything really because it was only me, TJ, Wendy, Autin, Chelia, etc online so we don't know the cause especially when it was down for 1 hour before it actually crashed.
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Lucyish_"Share whats new" What's new is nothing because Pho doesn't get on and update the server jk Pho ily don't ban me please
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Issa Sky   Facts
MrSyckoThe server is on
_ZodiacPrince_Hello Guys ^O^ Add me in Friends ;*
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Luka_Senpaiwhy the server is offline????
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VicTheVictini   I have no idea and im sure a lot of ppl are wondering too
EdgyCringe   ;-;
JLJustice   it crashed
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