phoenix1238 ao posted Oct 29, 17

February Update

- 2 new missions at Blue Pegasus + 2 more on the way!

- Custom documentation to be finished this month

- New Paintball + Spleef arena to be added this month

- Donation Shop to be updated this month

- Pho shop open!

- Builders working on Crocus! Bringing new spawn/shops/magic items!

- New plugins + ideas looked into from the 'what would you like' thread!

- 2 custom batches to be finished this month to make up for inactivty!

- GUILDS + PERKS for them coming this month!

- Finished Texture Pack!


Sale Codes:  EXAMS2019 

[3% off from last month, 10% for inactivity due to Exams + Post parties, can be used up to 3 times!]


phoenix1238Sigma + the final A Class spells are in production! I plan to release 1/2 by the end of the weekend, 2/2 batch too if I get lucky. Will post what's ready and when as usual
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phoenix1238Recently ran through a bunch of typos and errors in the spell config on console, and corrected a bunch. Changes are as follows:
- Self silence added to Cataclysm of the Dragon King
- Throw mechanic added to a bunch of spells
- Night Vision blind added to Stealth Form attack
- Jump boost added to Wood Make - Fleet Planks, Olympus - Winds
- Resistance added to Husk of the Iron-Lightning Dragon, Galvanized Horns, Stranded Prison
- Damage added to swords of Sharpening Swirl
- Tower of Dingir pillar building mechanic improved
- Absorption added to Wood Make - Trunk Husking
- Nausea added to Astral Scattering
- Speed added to Ice Make - Javelin
- Damage added to Burrowed Launch
- Regen added to Nightmare Overturn, Oracion Prayers
- Fixes to Soulfire Mode, Poison-Fire Mode, Phoenix Force (requiring Phoenix Drive active), Fatal Rupture, Magnum Bomb

I added the turning head mechanic to some punching moves, will add to some more as time goes on. Staff feel free to let me know the ones ive missed
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mattflash14hey owner, about crocus being the new spawn soon, is there going to be a release date or anything like that? just wondering!
Kingdian   its going to take a long time for shops and stuff to be finished. maybe the middle of this year?
phoenix1238Can't be online today I'm afraid - can be for all of tomorrow
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Kingdian   yasssss
phoenix1238Online in about an hour
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Plays4funneed help- yestoday i won the unrank exam and today when i log in to the sever i lost my C class rank,
dont know what to do please help if you know why this happend.
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Kingdian   do you share the account with anyone?
NatureCaller   It was most likely a glitch. The first time I got a 1 type slayer, I lost the group like 3 minutes later. Just tell Pho about it in the Q line
InfernalChro   When ever a restart happens or something your progress can get set back because it goes to the last save the server made
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